We hold our standards to the high level expected by our brands and their customers. Throughout the compounding and filling process, our staff inspects each aspect of your product from packaging to filling and labeling. AMR has established multiple protocols to ensure your finished products are held to high standards.

Prior to compounding, raw materials are checked for purity and integrity. Once they have passed, they are compounded in our sanitized compounding area. Each machine is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized after each compounding run. Batch samples are taken from tanks and endure a multi-point inspection for pH, viscosity, specific gravity and more.

During the filling process, extra care is taken in filling, capping, labeling and packaging your products. Multiple staff are placed throughout the fill line to analyze the quality of your finished product. Products are carefully packaged and labeled for shipping.

AMR protocols for Quality Control include:

  • pH Balance testing
  • Specific Gravity (sg) testing
  • Thorough sanitation of compounding and filling machinery
  • Batch retains extracted from each production run
  • Multi point inspections throughout compounding and filling
  • Close attention to labeling detail and packaging
  • Production packaging and labeling standard protocols