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AC Hydrolyzed Collagen 55% -  Composed of small amino acids, helping rebuild the collagen network beneath the skin.
Beeswax -  Cera alba Forms a protective skin barrier and moisturizes skin.
EXO-T™ -  An extract from organic matter found in shallow salt waters; protects the collagen network and contributes to skin regeneration.
Green Papaya Extract -  Carica papaya Rich in papain, antioxidants, Vitamin C & E and beta-carotene, helps brighten skin and naturally relieve acne.
Licorice Extract -  Glycyrrhiza glabra A plant extract that exhibits anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial activity while helping brighten skin complexion.
Lipex 205 -  Refined vegetable oil extracted from the Shea tree that helps keep the skin hydrated.
Lumisphere™ -  An instant and gradual skin brightener.
Melaslow™ -  A citrus-based inhibitor of Tyrosinase that helps block the production of melanin.
O.D.A. White™ -  Inhibits the melanin synthesis pathway to help decrease dark spots.
SEPICALM™ S -  An effective mixture of minerals, amino acids and fatty acids that reduce redness caused by UVA and UVB rays.
Wildlime Harvest™ -  An exfoliating agent composed of limes from Australia - Caviar Lime, Desert Lime and Rainforest Lime.
Witch Hazel -  Hamamelis Virginiana A natural astringent and antiseptic found in a North American shrub.
Yucca -  Yucca schidigera A foaming agent derived from the yucca plant.