In an effort to better support our clients, AMR now has full-service business-to-business and business-to -consumer shipping. This means that not only can we formulate, compound, and fill your product but now we can also store and ship your orders daily. This saves in both time and costs by removing the shipping costs to other fulfillment centers that brands would normally have to pay.

All of AMR’s fulfillment business is currently centered around skin and hair care. Our associates understand the important of presentation and in the age of “unboxing” videos, we want to make sure that your shipments are delivered exactly to your vision.

We offer simple order-based pricing that makes budgeting much easier. Instead of having pick fees, packing fees, intake fees, storage fees, shipment fees, and inventorying fees, we offer a simple per shipment fee. At the end of a given month you will be billed at the given shipment rate X the amount of shipments we completed. Simple as that.

Boxing Options Include

  • Folded tissue paper
  • Marketing or other promotional material
  • Filler material (craft paper, tissue paper, crinkle paper, etc)
  • Sticker or label application to box
  • Samples of your other products

Customizable Options Include

  • Shipping indestructo boxes
  • Shipping tape
  • Tissue paper
  • Shipping labels
  • Packing lists

Are you looking to improve your business and simplify your shipping operations? If so, give AMR a call.