At AMR we have invested in building technologies that make our R&D process faster and more accurate. All the forms needed to start a new project or provide feedback on a sample that has been already produced are available online. These online forms allow our R&D team to get a full picture of what you are looking for in your product. Once submitted, these forms are automatically imported into our proprietary R&D system ensuring that no information or time is lost. You will also receive a copy of each submission for your records.

New Customer Profile

If you are a new customer to AMR Labs then you will need to begin by filling out a New Customer Profile. This form lets us know more about you, your company, and the markets you want to sell into. It helps guide our R&D team in formulating to your market and end user – whether it’s researching restricted ingredients in different countries you plan on selling to or pitching trendy ingredients that can make your product stand out from others on the same shelf.

New Product Profile

Each individual product that you want to formulate needs a New Product Profile (NPP) to start the process. The NPP covers various aspects of your product and lets our R&D team know exactly what you are looking for. It’s best to really think about the different aspects of your product and provide as much detail as possible. The more detail provided, the closer the lab submissions will be to your ideal product.

Sample Feedback

After you are done evaluating the AMR submission, a Sample Feedback Form needs to be filled out. If you are happy with the submission and want to move to the quoting stage, simply mark “Yes” and our team will begin quoting. If you do not approve your sample, mark “No” and fill out the lower portion of the form with as much detail as possible.¬†Once submitted, the forms will be imported into our system and a member of the R&D staff can begin working on it.