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Does AMR do pilot test batches?

AMR has invested in the equipment needed to do full-service pilot batches. These small batches are perfect for process and scale up validation as well as providing small batches for clinical studies and user groups. Contact our offices for more information.

What are the R&D fees?

Standard cosmeceutical products are $750 per product. If the product has either a varying color or scent, each version is $150 after the initial $750 paid. For OTC and CBD products, the R&D fee is $1500 per product.

Does AMR formulate products for export?

Yes. Each country has varying laws and guidelines for importing products. At AMR Labs, we have created products for export to over 35 different countries. We will use our experience and knowledge to navigate the paperwork and certificates required for export. AMR Labs will provide you with certificates of export and free-sale, as well as [...]

Will I receive a copy of the approved formula?

AMR Labs maintains ownership of all formulations. However, we do enter into agreements to enable our customers to have exclusive use of specific formulations. We do not share formulations across customers. Complete formulas may be purchased from AMR Laboratories. Pricing is determined on a per-formula basis.

How much will my product cost per unit?

This answer is entirely up to you. Before beginning the R&D phase, we ask that you provide use with your cost per piece. The answer to this allows us to give a budget to our R&D team for your formula. Our R&D team will work backwards from there when deciding which ingredients and actives to [...]

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