Upon product approval, the customer has the option of running a Package Stability and Compatibility Test. For AMR to guarantee the stability of the product, we require that this test be done with using the exact packaging that will be used to go to market.

These tests will evaluate the product’s integrity and cohesion once introduced to the specific packaging which will be used by the customer. The Research and Development team will re-create the customer’s approved formula, exactly as it is approved, and will run six (seven) tests inside the exact packaging component which the customer chooses for his or her product.

1 Month(s): 50°C (120°F)
3 Month(s): 40°C (110° F)
3 Cycle(s): Freeze/Thaw <32°F
3 Month(s): Refrigerator 0°F<T<32°F
3 Month(s): Room Temp. ~78°C
3 Month(s): Room Temp. ~78°C For Weight Loss
3 Month(s): *UV Variable Dependent on packaging

* The amount of tests will be contingent on whether clear packaging will be used for the customer’s final product or not. If the customer chooses clear packaging, a seventh test will be conducted for color fade (UV testing).

For more information about stability, visit our Stability & Compatibility page.