Does AMR do pilot test batches?2020-01-20T13:06:11-08:00

AMR has invested in the equipment needed to do full-service pilot batches. These small batches are perfect for process and scale up validation as well as providing small batches for clinical studies and user groups. Contact our offices for more information.

Will AMR store our packaging?2019-10-02T16:18:21-07:00

AMR can hold packaging for 90 days after an order is complete. Only upon a case-by-case basis, AMR will allow longer storage.

What are the R&D fees?2019-03-18T09:00:10-07:00

Standard cosmeceutical products are $750 per product. If the product has either a varying color or scent, each version is $150 after the initial $750 paid. For OTC and CBD products, the R&D fee is $1500 per product.

Do you provide fulfillment services?2018-08-09T14:08:42-07:00

Yes. AMR now provides fulfillment services to its customers. We ask that customers set up a ShipStation account with a unique AMR login credential to allow for better back end tracking. Orders are checked at least once daily, many times twice.

How is freight charged?2015-01-06T08:35:24-08:00

Freight is F.O.B. our manufacturing facilities in Van Nuys, CA. Shipping can be arranged by our shipping department or by your company. Our shipping department will contact freight companies for a competitive price for your shipment.

Does AMR require a deposit for my order?2015-01-06T08:36:25-08:00

Yes. AMR requires a 50% non-refundable deposit on your order. Once we have received your deposit, our purchasing department will order raw materials for your product. The remaining balance is due once we have finished production and your order is ready to ship. We will calculate exactly how many pieces were made and factor in shipping into the remaining balance.

Can I ship my packaging to AMR?2015-01-06T08:36:36-08:00

Absolutely! When you order your packaging, we recommend having it shipped directly to AMR to avoid paying a double shipment fee.

Does AMR provide labels?2015-01-06T08:36:48-08:00

We do not provide labels. We have created great relationships with reliable label companies and are happy to refer you to them.

Does AMR provide packaging?2015-01-06T08:30:17-08:00

Typically we do not provide packaging. We have a very limited amount of in-house packaging. We are happy to provide you with resources based on what type of packaging you are looking to source.

Can I waive stability for my product?2020-01-02T13:59:50-08:00

Yes. If you wish to waive product stability and go directly into production, we require you to sign a stability waiver form. AMR will continue run stability concurrently with your production order.

Does AMR do animal testing?2015-01-06T08:31:09-08:00

No. AMR Labs does not do animal testing. We are proud to be a cruelty-free contract manufacturer and lab.

What are the types of stability testing you do?2020-01-02T13:59:51-08:00

Upon product approval, the customer has the option of running a Package Stability and Compatibility Test. For AMR to guarantee the stability of the product, we require that this test be done with using the exact packaging that will be used to go to market.

These tests will evaluate the product’s integrity and cohesion once introduced to the specific packaging which will be used by the customer. The Research and Development team will re-create the customer’s approved formula, exactly as it is approved, and will run six (seven) tests inside the exact packaging component which the customer chooses for his or her product.

1 Month(s): 50°C (120°F)
3 Month(s): 40°C (110° F)
3 Cycle(s): Freeze/Thaw <32°F
3 Month(s): Refrigerator 0°F<T<32°F
3 Month(s): Room Temp. ~78°C
3 Month(s): Room Temp. ~78°C For Weight Loss
3 Month(s): *UV Variable Dependent on packaging

* The amount of tests will be contingent on whether clear packaging will be used for the customer’s final product or not. If the customer chooses clear packaging, a seventh test will be conducted for color fade (UV testing).

For more information about stability, visit our Stability & Compatibility page.

What do you use for stability testing?2020-01-02T13:59:51-08:00

We require at least 10 samples of the exact packaging your product will go in. Once we have these samples, our lab will make a sample of your approved formula and fill the packaging samples with it.

For more information about stability, visit our Stability & Compatibility page.

How much does stability testing cost?2020-01-02T13:59:51-08:00

The standard 6 panel testing (3 month stability) is included in the R&D fees.

For more information about stability, visit our Stability & Compatibility page.

When do you do stability testing?2020-01-02T13:59:51-08:00

Once you have signed and submitted the sample approval form, we begin the 3 month stability testing period.

For more information about stability, visit our Stability & Compatibility page.

How long is stability testing?2020-01-02T13:59:51-08:00

Stability testing is a period of 3 months.

For more information about stability, visit our Stability & Compatibility page.

Are R&D fees refundable?2019-03-18T08:58:03-07:00

No. R&D fees cover the cost of time spent formulating your product, ordering samples for your formula, and creating bench samples. A significant portion of your R&D fee will be credited towards your first order. After 3 products have been formulated and at least 3 production orders have been placed, all future R&D fees will be waived.

Do you offer facility tours?2015-01-06T08:30:45-08:00

Yes! We enjoy meeting with customers face to face. We ask that you contact our offices to schedule a meeting to meet with our experts and see our facilities.

Does AMR formulate products for export?2020-01-02T13:59:51-08:00

Yes. Each country has varying laws and guidelines for importing products. At AMR Labs, we have created products for export to over 35 different countries. We will use our experience and knowledge to navigate the paperwork and certificates required for export. AMR Labs will provide you with certificates of export and free-sale, as well as any other certificates you may require.

Does AMR sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA)?2020-01-02T13:59:51-08:00

Yes. AMR will provide you with our NDA which protects the client (you) and manufacturer (AMR).

Will I receive a copy of the approved formula?2014-12-22T08:57:01-08:00

AMR Labs maintains ownership of all formulations. However, we do enter into agreements to enable our customers to have exclusive use of specific formulations. We do not share formulations across customers.

Complete formulas may be purchased from AMR Laboratories. Pricing is determined on a per-formula basis.

Once I place my production order, when can I expect my products to ship?2020-01-02T13:59:52-08:00

Once you have placed an order, we will send you an invoice for a 50% deposit. After we have received your deposit, our ordering department will begin to place orders for raw materials. Lead times of ingredients vary, depending on location of ingredient, whether or not the vendor has the ingredient in stock, and more. Sometimes ingredients can take up to 8 weeks to be shipped to our warehouse. We require that all components of packaging be sent to our warehouse prior to going into production. Once all ingredients and packaging components have been sent to our warehouse, we schedule your product for compounding and production. We ask that all AMR clients give a 4 week lead time before their product goes into production, allowing time for all ingredients to be shipped in. If it is possible for your product to go into production earlier, we will do so.

After you have placed multiple production orders for the same product, we will be able to have an approximate forecast for when your next order will be placed. Once we know this, we can contact our ingredient vendors and ask them to set aside a certain amount to prevent any back-orders, helping get your ingredients faster for future orders.

What are your minimums for Custom Formulation?2019-06-13T08:29:22-07:00

The minimum order quantity is 2,500 pieces. We are able to provide a one-time test run of 1,000 pieces to accommodate your product launch.

How much will my product cost per unit?2015-01-06T08:34:53-08:00

This answer is entirely up to you. Before beginning the R&D phase, we ask that you provide use with your cost per piece. The answer to this allows us to give a budget to our R&D team for your formula. Our R&D team will work backwards from there when deciding which ingredients and actives to put into your formula to fit your budget.

We like to use the analogy of car shopping when addressing this question. When one says, “I want to buy a car,” the initial response is to ask “What is your budget?” Cars range in cost from an affordable Hyundai to a high-end luxury car such as a Bentley.

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