With Amazon being one of (if not the) largest online retailers for everything from toothpaste to kitchen appliances and more, customers are turning to the retailer and its member reviews for what to buy next. Whether you’re currently selling on Amazon or planning to launch your products on Amazon – AMR can help you at every step along the way.


As a new seller on Amazon, a lot of steps must be taken before becoming registered and being able to send. Certain categories require extra hoops to jump through before being able to sell under them Рthis process is known as the ungating.  AMR will help you along the way, providing you with the necessary paperwork and documentation to help move your registration through the processes.

Inventory Management

Currently selling on Amazon and getting burned by their high storage fees? AMR can setup your inventory to be replenished on a regular basis at a level that keeps fees low while making sure your inventory is supported in case of a sudden increase in sales. Calculating the correct shipment quantities involves planning on both the AMR and customer sides, but once developed will allow you to focus on marketing initiatives. AMR will take over the planning and creating of the shipment to the shipping  and everything in between, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Kitting and Labeling

Looking to expand your Amazon footprint but don’t have the time or labor to do so? Creating bundles and kits is often the best way to create a larger footprint and appeal to Amazon members, however the service is not offered by Amazon. AMR can kit your products into multiple ways, each with a unique kit item number, and ship them to Amazon to you. Kits can be any combination of full size, sample size, and promotional add ons that you like. Want to kit your best-selling shampoo and conditioner together with a branded comb you sourced from China? No problem, we have you covered.