About Us

The personal care industry is responsible for over $50 billion dollars in revenue every year in the United States. Why not be a part of it? Whether you are a polished industry professional or just getting your toes wet, AMR Labs is here to provide you with help every step of the way.

Beauty, down to a science. AMR Laboratories is a health and beauty contract manufacturer. We provide turnkey services and support from idea to production and everything in between. AMR has created and manufactured quality skin, hair, and body care products for individuals and companies all over the world. Our expert R&D team creates formulas using the latest innovations in active ingredients for the best results. Our staff comes with over 25 years of knowledge in the beauty industry, and the expertise to show for it. We are large enough to have the tools, capabilities, and expertise you need and small enough to be able to move quickly when something is time sensitive.

Catering to Every Need

AMR Labs features a variety of services available to our clients. From formulating from scratch to perfecting an existing formula, AMR caters to a range of customer needs. Capabilities range from small pilot batch runs to large-scale productions ready for mass market sales. Fill sizes range from small 5ml sample sachets to 55-gallon drums or totes. Our clients retail products in a range of stores from salons, spas, and doctors’ offices, to large retailers such as Whole Foods, Target, CVS, Neiman Marcus, Amazon, TJ Maxx, Marshalls and more.

What We Do

Custom Formulation

Our most popular service! Products made to your specifications

Exactly What You Want

With Custom Formulation, products are make to your liking. From fragrance to viscosity, we create a formula based off every aspect of a product you can think of.

Sample Product Matching

Reverse formulating a popular product

Breaking Down the Formula

With Product Matching, our chemists will work to reverse formulate your benchmark sample piece by piece, while testing for consistencies between the product sample and lab sample.

Adjusting & Stabilizing

Tweaking existing formulas to perfection

Smoothing the Edges

Let our R&D team know what feedback you have been receiving on your current formula and what properties you’d like to improve, and we will work on improving it to your satisfaction.

Customer-Supplied Formula

Your Formula Compounded in Larger Sizes

Your Formula at a Large Scale

Moving out of the kitchen? We will take your complete formula (including vendors, compounding temperatures, ingredient amounts, etc.) and compound and fill your product at a large scale.

R&D Efficiency

AMR is constantly investing time and money into making our R&D, production and filling processes run more efficiently and swiftly. In an effort to keep R&D moving ahead quickly and accurately, AMR has moved all of our R&D forms online. Our customers fill them out and when submitted, the feedback automatically moves into our custom-developed R&D software where the chemist assigned to your formula can make all the necessary adjustments. This automated process not only allows for quicker turn around times between R&D revisions, but also makes sure that the formulating chemist gets a complete picture of the changes needed.

Industry Advancement

At AMR, we understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve. Our team regularly attends trainings, seminars and sets up one-on-one meetings with vendors to learn about the latest ingredients, machinery and trend forecasts. We regularly travel throughout the country to attend the industry’s largest trade shows, always focusing on staying ahead of the curve. Our lab team takes what they’ve learned and combines it with their years of experience to create cutting-edge formulations while educating our clients on how the ingredients work synergistically, equipping you with extensive knowledge about your product to educate your customers and enhance your marketing efforts.

Why Choose Us

  • Low minimum order quantities
  • Formulate to your budget
  • Experienced chemists educated on emerging trends in beauty and skincare
  • In-house manufacturing and fill lines
  • Multi-panel stability testing

What Client’s Say

We came to AMR after having a few bad experiences with our current manufacturer (including making us go buy plain cardboard boxes for them to ship us our products.) After doing a trial with just one product, we decided to move our entire line over to them. Their R&D team is always giving us ideas on what the newest trends are and emerging active ingredients in the anti-aging category. They have been great with having a quick turnaround time when we are in a time crunch. AMR is definitely a great lab and contract manufacturer to work with!
We came to AMR with a few products we wanted to do and ended up doing our whole body care line with them. The staff goes above and beyond to make sure we received our products in time for our launch. Thanks AMR!
AMR has helped build my entrepreneurial side-company into a larger operation with new distributors. They are always sending ideas of how we can expand our line and our business. Their R&D team works hard to make samples to exactly what we want. We are very glad we picked AMR as our lab!